BPMI Club Events

Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration Club sponsors Professional Day. Professional Day is held once each semester during the weekend before dead week. This provides graduating seniors the opportunity to share their final portfolio with faculty, staff, and students at Iowa State University. Students who have completed an internship prior to Professional Day are required to present a brief summary and artwork produced for the internship. Artwork often includes illustrations, displays, animations, photography, and other forms of communication. Professional Day is a good way for BPMI students to see illustrations and interact with graduating seniors to see what they are expected to do in order to go to graduate school or get a job as an illustrator.

Upcoming Events

We have socials for the club and other trips that are to be announced at the BPMI Club meetings and though emails.

Past Events

Steve Harrison from Medical College of Georgia visited in Spring 2010 to teach a workshop about colored pencil and watercolor. Then he informed us about the Medical Illustration Graduate program and critiqued different portfolios of the students with advice to strengthen their portfolios.

David Cheney came in from Mayo Clinic to hold a Photoshop Workshop to demonstrate how to produce skin tones in Photoshop for an illustration.

We have taken a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. We take this trip to practice our field illustration of animals and as a club social event.

We attended the Armitage Lecture at University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC). This is a two day lecture series where they bring in different professional medical illustrators along with some graduate students from UIC to present to the people interested in Medical Illustration.

In Spring 2011, the club organized a field trip to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to see the clinic’s Medical Illustration department. We get to see where they work and they have an exhibit to their Medical Illustrators.

Each semester, we have a social event that helps the club members get to know each other. We have had socials that have ranged from picnics, sledding, and pumpkin carving.

Our club also brings in past Biological Pre-Medical Illustrator Undergraduates to show us the kind of career we can get after graduation. This helps our networking skills to know more people in the illustration business.