Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration Club

The purpose of BPMI Club is to provide an environment in which students; especially those affiliated with the BPMI major can learn and nurture the skills of art and sciences in order to be knowledgeable and successful in their study/career.This club focuses on providing students an opportunity to meet other colleagues in their field along with gaining knowledge of their future work field. To provide an opportunity for interaction and increase opportunities between students and professionals in the sciences and art media. Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration Club, also know as BPMI Club, supports their own Drawing Co-Op in order for students to build their portfolios for Medical Illustration graduate school.

BPMI Club Officers

Jeni Zernick President
Ava Schroedl Vice-President
Rebecca Schippers Treasurer
Mary Albert Secretary
Kim Moss Advisor
Olivia Seweryn Co-Op Representative
Brianna Monroe Co-Op Representative
LAS Representative
LAS Representative

Drawing Co-op

Drawing Co-op is organized by the BPMI Club to provide students the opportunity to gain experience in drawing the human figure from live models. There is a $2.00 fee for students for the first hour and $3.00 for two hours. For faculty and non-students, it is $3.00 for the first hour and $5.00 for two hours. It is held at the College of Design in Room 0054B.

Please contact Brianna and Olivia for more information